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My Motto

from Pencils from a cup by SPEAKS

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Who are we fooling?
Whats this achieving?
Nothing important
Surreal, distorted, its so misleading.
Nothing's a sure thing.

Live for a living, thats my motto.
Find more fun, work not much though.
Write a lot of songs, play a lot of shows,
meet a lot of people, keep the good ones close.
On record i'm aggy, in life I'm zen.
The key to being happy is a good outlet.
When I'm sitting in my room, feeling really shit,
I don't instead I write, make the most of it.
I wanna have fun, I don't wanna be in love,
I don't wanna be a slut, these extreme's are fucked up.
Everyone's like choose, one or the other.
Everyone's a judge, even your Mother.
But I aint having it, you can keep guessing.
You think you know, you don't know where this song's heading.
Don't look back, don't look ahead, live for a second.
We could all use a bit more freedom, don't you reckon?

Who are we fooling?
Whats this achieving?
Nothing important

Our day's are ruled by the sun,
and we don't answer to any fucking one.
I bust a lung with the words hanging on my tongue
Life wasn't alway this fun.
Wake and bake by the lake, take my self on a date, I'm always late.
But I'm still gonna have my cake and eat it.
You wont give a shit when you're sixx foot deep in the shit.
How the fuck you gonna get out of it?
We all do what we see fit.
But you don't wanna end up how your folks did.
Stay out in the sun a little while and get fucking toasted.
You might as well make the most of it, cause when it comes to give up the goat, you'll have lived life, hanging by the throat.

I'm dying in this town.

What have you got with no dreams,
a job that you hate, no self esteem.
No, I don't see the harm in hoping.
Nothing lasts forever I aint joking.
Man does not live by bread alone,
Who would you be without your big home?
Do you even know who you are,
without the fake nose, the cars and the credit cards.
Do you look at the moon everyday?
Did you look at the sky tonight, hey?
Do you go outside, not to the gym.
I dont mean a jog around the road you live in,

I mean outside, its just you walking, somewhere nice,
green with trees and free from everything, all the talking.
Tell me what kind of thoughts then leak in.
So introduce yourself, you don't know yourself.
Take a brain break from the soul destroying wealth.
Live a fucking little, loosen your belt,
swap that newspaper for a poem, tell me what you felt.

The men all wanna be the richest,
the girls they try to prove that they are the sexiest.
Competition's high, fully erected.
No one treats anyone with any respect here.
You drive a hardship you're stubborn,
its no good that you're all good so fuck 'em
Its one rule for you all of a sudden,
there's only you two, you don't need this whole mansion.
Oh I don't know, you live beyond your means, its not funny how money controls everything, you keep running before something really takes a hold of you, take a punt, take a chance on something new.


from Pencils from a cup, released February 14, 2015


all rights reserved




LELE (Lead Vocals)
KELLY (Vocals)
TOM (Music / Vocals)

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