Pencils from a cup


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Debut album, recorded by us at home.


released 14 February 2015

Tom, Lele & Kelly.



all rights reserved


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LELE (Lead Vocals)
KELLY (Vocals)
TOM (Music / Vocals)

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Track Name: Deaded

You give us all a bad name.

Patronising, unwelcome and I'm glad that you said it,
cause now you are dead.

What gave you the right to speak to me,
didn't get the hint when you saw me cross the street?

Fuck you, I wont just smile, cause you said it.
I'll smile when you're dead.

You don't have eyes the I can see,
I just see x's where your eyes should be.

So bored, I could cry but,
you just don't get it, I'll be bored till you're dead.

Bored to tears of what you guys expect of me.
I'm single, that doesn't mean public property.

Selfish, taking me time,
and the lies that you fed?
I will eat when I'm dead.

Have a fucking bag of crisps for tea,
you just gave me a great excuse to leave.

It was something you said,
Well, I cant remember, what you said
But I wanted you dead.

You give us all a bad name.

Pathetic, thats right, I said it.
You're pathetic, you're gonna be dead.

No one owes you nothing in this world,
that is not the way to approach a girl

Don't look, don't touch.
Can't you see I'm a wreck,
I would rather be dead

Being a human being,
leave me be, or I'll creep in while you're sleeping,
fucking break your knees.

Why do you think I care?
I don't care. I just care when you're dead.

Truth is, I never gave a fuck.
Man, I'm worse than a guy, this is barely lust.

You were sleeping, with a horses head in you bed,
and you wished you were dead.

It was something you said,
Well, I cant remember, what you said
But I wanted you dead.

You give us all a bad name.
Track Name: Say it I can

You spend your life trying
But you'll never make him happy
So what you gonna buy him to buy time
and dilly dally.
Im seeing something in your eyes, have you been crying?
Or is it too many years of this bitch whining?

All this lying isn't worthy as a cover up,
and no one's buying what you're selling when you're muddled up.
You might as well leave and join the party, here's a double cup.
Did no one ever tell you you aint lived until you try your luck?
You can have it all if you could realise when enough's enough.
Just fuck it all off, there's nothing wrong with giving up.
No home, no job, but no idiots.
No hopes, no loss, its easy as that.
But that's inevitable and it will never happen
You're getting drunk in love,
soon turns to getting hammered.
You're getting on it and it should of never happened,
a little vodka and tonic.
Lets make a tipsy sandwich.
Because I'm causing too much damage man,
I'm fucking famished.

Take a look at look at this from where I stand
I think you're getting sick of it like I am
In the thick of it, never was my plan.
Get rid of it quick,
Say it, I can.

You think this is it,
It aint it.
It's gonna get so much worse, before it gets better.
You're fate is in the hands of any Tom, Dick or Harry,
What about Gary?
Gary's fucking weird.
Why is Gary always fucking hanging round here?
Your mind's wrong, you try not to worry.
Why are you even in such a hurry?
You need to stop right here, because, aint it lovely?
Aint it so nice?
Aint it better than your normal life?
Your normal wife?
Boring old cow, she's never down when you need her to get down,
she aint around.
You need to put the old cow down.
Don't frown, its for the greater good.
If I could do it for you, you know I would.
You need to get out, people are without,
They either pick you up, or they drag you down.

How many times?
How many nails in the coffin,
until its your turn when the knackers yard's knocking?
Cardiac arrest you'll be getting from the stress, if you don't give it a rest.
You better put it to bed.

Take a look at look at this from where I stand
I think you're getting sick of it like I am
In the thick of it, never was my plan.
Get rid of it quick,
Say it, I can.
Track Name: How To Be Guilty

I ignored the torture,
I've never forgiven me,
I am my Father's daughter,
he taught me how to be guilty.

I see you aching, see you breaking, and my heart bleeds.
My mind's tracing, you're waiting but I cant think.
There aint distance, there's craters between you and me.
Its time to call in those favours if we are to succeed.

Or have you given up? You're so quick to quit.
You've been down on your luck, but it don't suit you kid.
Hell yeah, we're stuck in a rut but still fortunate.
You've got food in your gut, your human rights, your funds.
The more you got, the more you need, thats gotta be misery,
Its all we see, cant you see we're worshipping the money?
Its worrying, its happening, this place is never sunny.
We're such cowards, dead flowers, they die in our misery.
A tragedy on halloween, spooky stuffs happening.
The stuff I've heard and what I've seen, its not a dream.
Not a joke, not a fantasy, I'm not imagining its a killer the monotony.

I ignored the torture,
I've never forgiven me,
I am my Father's daughter,
he taught me how to be guilty.

I paint a picture,
it will bind your scripture,
You can't stick to the facts,
look at our habitat.
I self combust, this sense of unjust
cuts me deep.
If I jump, will you take the leap?
If I can prove to you concrete,
you can't live and let live,
Ironically, I cant share this message, just sonically,
Cognitive dissonance, every sentence I speak, take with offence.
Its no surprise, ego has no pride.
We will never love our own kind,
Exceptions, now and then.
Withhold my right to defend,
every last soul, till the bitter end.
I think about you now and then, I cant pretend I know what happened to my friend, it is a story that will never end.

I ignored the torture,
I've never forgiven me,
I am my Father's daughter,
he taught me how to be guilty.
Track Name: My Motto

Who are we fooling?
Whats this achieving?
Nothing important
Surreal, distorted, its so misleading.
Nothing's a sure thing.

Live for a living, thats my motto.
Find more fun, work not much though.
Write a lot of songs, play a lot of shows,
meet a lot of people, keep the good ones close.
On record i'm aggy, in life I'm zen.
The key to being happy is a good outlet.
When I'm sitting in my room, feeling really shit,
I don't instead I write, make the most of it.
I wanna have fun, I don't wanna be in love,
I don't wanna be a slut, these extreme's are fucked up.
Everyone's like choose, one or the other.
Everyone's a judge, even your Mother.
But I aint having it, you can keep guessing.
You think you know, you don't know where this song's heading.
Don't look back, don't look ahead, live for a second.
We could all use a bit more freedom, don't you reckon?

Who are we fooling?
Whats this achieving?
Nothing important

Our day's are ruled by the sun,
and we don't answer to any fucking one.
I bust a lung with the words hanging on my tongue
Life wasn't alway this fun.
Wake and bake by the lake, take my self on a date, I'm always late.
But I'm still gonna have my cake and eat it.
You wont give a shit when you're sixx foot deep in the shit.
How the fuck you gonna get out of it?
We all do what we see fit.
But you don't wanna end up how your folks did.
Stay out in the sun a little while and get fucking toasted.
You might as well make the most of it, cause when it comes to give up the goat, you'll have lived life, hanging by the throat.

I'm dying in this town.

What have you got with no dreams,
a job that you hate, no self esteem.
No, I don't see the harm in hoping.
Nothing lasts forever I aint joking.
Man does not live by bread alone,
Who would you be without your big home?
Do you even know who you are,
without the fake nose, the cars and the credit cards.
Do you look at the moon everyday?
Did you look at the sky tonight, hey?
Do you go outside, not to the gym.
I dont mean a jog around the road you live in,

I mean outside, its just you walking, somewhere nice,
green with trees and free from everything, all the talking.
Tell me what kind of thoughts then leak in.
So introduce yourself, you don't know yourself.
Take a brain break from the soul destroying wealth.
Live a fucking little, loosen your belt,
swap that newspaper for a poem, tell me what you felt.

The men all wanna be the richest,
the girls they try to prove that they are the sexiest.
Competition's high, fully erected.
No one treats anyone with any respect here.
You drive a hardship you're stubborn,
its no good that you're all good so fuck 'em
Its one rule for you all of a sudden,
there's only you two, you don't need this whole mansion.
Oh I don't know, you live beyond your means, its not funny how money controls everything, you keep running before something really takes a hold of you, take a punt, take a chance on something new.
Track Name: Ride or Die

you built me up to knock me down
you cunt
you set me up real good this time
the round about
which we ride goes round & round
its ride or die
but something changed this time
i’d rather die

it was ride or die, i really loved you was sick with it
but i realised you were just being manipulative
the pressure was weighing on me, i never caved in
the pressure just seemed to increase
you never gave in. you took took took
then complained about everything
you judge me, you judge him, you just judge everything
give me another give me a double
i’m enjoying a drink, you got a penny for my thoughts
here, listen to speaks. i’m not drowning my sorrows
i was thrown out at sea and as expected
there’s a load of sharks surrounding me
you made my heart hollow, it took off in the breeze
the only thing i feel bad for is the poor girl after me
i got out. get out of jail card i’m good now
i don’t want to go there with the petty hate mail
i don’t want to see your face, i don’t wanna hear your name about
i’d spray my own eyes with mace before having you back around.

you built me up to knock me down
you cunt
you set me up real good this time
the round about
which we ride goes round & round
its ride or die
but something changed this time
i’d rather die

come on, look at me
i’m a shell of what i used to be
from the time i’ve been with you even my weight’s dropped rapidly
i got sick of going out, you are just too hard to please
i was never gonna win, i can’t be what you need
cos i’m not a push over, we’re always having stand offs
i hate how you look down on everything i’m a fan off
you purposely did stuff to piss me off
don’t dare say you did not then turn it back on me
and try tell me that i don’t do enough like i didn’t put you up
for all the time you were out of work
spending my money is easy when it’s yours it fucking hurts
worst of all i had to tell my self, how could i not learn?
he’s a fucking freak, a double freak kick him to the curb
and i think i love him but really it was just loyalty
but that meant nothing cos he never had no trust in me
and i’d forget till he’d do it again it gutted me
left broken empty thank fuck for my family.
Track Name: Hurricane Jane

hurricane jane so lame playing the game
playing their game insane
thought you was smart jane?
but you’re playing their game
and you’re making it rain jane
its not now or never
you could really do better
you know you could do better
get a clue colonel mustard
in the study with the candle stick
you are such a dick jane
hurricane jane
still the same no one else to blame
it was jane’s vision
now you’re playing jane’s game
don’t pass go straight to prison
in jane’s mind she’s not gonna listen
even though jane aint got a pot to piss in
i think it’s pretty obvious
who this record is dissing
it’s jane pass the bucket this is sickening
pull up a chair
are you listening?

hurricane jane
you’re making it rain

jane look at the mess you made
oh but you can’t so you palm them off another day
you have some front and it rains
it’s all for jane
she loves the drama
if you rock this hurricane
prepare for karma
she’s not one to behave
she really earnt her name
it’s jane she’s got the fame
she’s got the money
got the car’s damn she’s got the face
at first glance she’s a stunner
but that’s not the case
she’s such a fake
it’s enternaining hear what she’s saying
her word’s hold no weight
she’s vacant
what drugs she taking
she’s always on vacay
sniffing coke dropping names it’s jane!
gamble slot your coins in
i’m spitting feathers tell me jane
what’s your poison?
triple cherries it’s a jackpot
that’s our girl jane
your spoilt for choice if thats not the icing on the cake
she fell off move on, you don’t know, you’re bored
where’s jane she’s gone
new face, same songs.

hurricane jane
you’re making it rain